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Recycle Pledge

So you want to get rid of that old dresser – but it’s still in pretty good shape? There’s that old television that you don’t want anymore – but you don’t know how to safely dispose of it? Junk Remedy is proud to recycle and donate as much as we can from every job we do, throwing away as little as possible. We always follow proper protocol when it comes to donating and recycling your materials.  Items are carefully and responsibly sorted to determine the best place to bring them for disposal, recycling, or repurposing. In the event that items are deemed reusable, our friendly, uniformed staff has the proper skills to remove these items safely, and the client will receive a donation tax receipt.

Junk Remedy has many partnerships with local non-profit organizations and recycling facilities, and the items will be taken to the proper place to be recycled or repurposed. Junk Remedy is also happy to consider specific requests from clients regarding where their items will be donated. A constant priority is to avoid landfills, and instead, contribute to our local community via recycling or donating. Junk Remedy’s donations has surpassed $1 million dollars of re-purposed goods since we have opened our doors in 2009. Junk Remedy’s concern for the community and environment is a top priority when it comes to bringing you the “remedy” for all your junk and trash removal needs.


We value responsible junk disposal through recycling, donation, or via sanitary landfill.


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